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Whether you have a dangerous tree that needs to be removed or other trees or an entire lot of pine trees that need to be remove, Lind Tree Service is here to help! [more info]


Artful, careful pruning done by our experienced arborists to maintain healthy, beautiful trees and shrubs. [more info]


Whether it’s dead branches, fire mitigation, tree health, or to help improve the value and the beauty of your home, we can help you trim up your trees and remove or chip up the branches. [more info]


Here on the Front Range of Colorado, sometimes that home or lot you just purchased, or purchased long ago has trees blocking fabulous views of the Colorado Rockies. We can help you improve that view by select cutting trees that will open up your view and allow you to take in the beauty of the Colorado mountains. Our team also has expert landscapers and landscape architects who can carefully select certain trees to keep in order to play into your landscape design and layout. [more info]


Do you live in an area where you have extensive amounts of pine or scrub oak? Are you concerned that if another fire sweeps through, that your property is at risk? The experts at Lind Tree Service will come and give you a free consultation and put together a plan and a budget to help your property be “fire wise”. [more info]


Do you own an acre or more? Are you looking to make your forest as healthy as possible so your children, grandchildren, and great grand children can enjoy your home and property long into the future? Trust Lind Tree Service to help put together a plan to maximize the long term beauty and health of your forest. [more info]


They say the best offense is a good defense, and that’s especially true when it comes to protecting your home from a forest fire. [more info]

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