Tree Pruning

Tree-Pruning-Colorado-Springs-Colorado-Shears-ClippersProfessional Tree Pruning

Our skilled arborists will carefully remove any dead or diseased branches while also looking for any other branches or limbs growing in awkward directions that may result in the tree having, in the long run, an awkward or undesirable look.

Tree pruning ensures the longevity, beauty, and health of your trees!

Call the Pros at Lind to Remove Dangerous Branches

tree-falling-on-houseOvergrown trees or trees growing too close to your home, office or other structure can become a serious hazard. Limbs reaching towards or already touching electrical power lines also create an extremely dangerous situation. Branches that overhang your home or garage can break off during a storm and come crashing down, creating thousands of dollars of damage and a potentially dangerous situation for anyone in the home. If you feel there are limbs and trees that make you nervous, please give us a call right away. We have the equipment and, more importantly, the experience to safely remove dangerous tree limbs and trees.

Colorado in Full Bloom

Eastern-Red-Bud-Blooming-Colorado-500Certain trees in the Colorado Springs area are absolutely stunning when in full bloom. If you have any flowering trees, we can help maximize their beauty when it comes time for them to bloom. By careful trimming and pruning in the “off bloom” season, we can help shape your tree while also keeping it healthy. We highly recommend pruning flowering trees right after the blooms begin to fade.

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